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Packaging Company Limited

The premier provider of custom clothing woven labels and hang tags.

New Site. New Blog.

Re-designed site. New blog. There’s a lot going on in 2012 for MTW. At least that is the plan. We are taking a new step in the direction of social media. It’s all the buzz and we have found that it takes a large amount of time to talk, tweet, update Facebook and blog about ourselves. But we believe it’s time well spent. In our opinion, social media levels the playing field a little. Now we can reach new customers without spending a ton of money like our competitors on fancy interactive websites with slick executives making exclusive deals for ticketing rights.


We’re a quiet group that has always stayed low key and under the radar. But in the new age of social media it has become apparent that we need to embrace the new technologies and learn to be more open and interactive. We want to be more connected to what a customer wants.  That’s one of the great advantages of being a small business. We have always been more about getting to know our clients and their products and less about automation. We will work at being even faster to respond to our clients while stayin true to the human factor that has made our business work for so long. Because we still believe that no matter how fast and computerized our world has become, people still want a live person to answer the phone and say, “Thanks for calling MTW. How can we help you?”.