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Packaging Company Limited

The premier provider of custom clothing woven labels and hang tags.

Elevate brands through innovative embellishment and identification solutions that enable designers, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency, and increase consumer appeal and perceived value. Enhanced product presentation increases consumer purchase intent, which is a great reason to purchase premium custom hang tags for clothing.

A Creative Design and Fashion Labeling

MTW Packaging is the premier provider of custom and industry standard hang tags and woven labels.


We offer a wide variety of garment labels, while also offering custom colour and sized items to meet our clients’ specific needs. MTW uses state of the art equipment along with access to many different unique suppliers to produce our quality creative garment labeling.


At MTW, we understand our clients’ immediate need for “in-spec” industry standard hang tags and labels. That’s why we take every measure to insure each order is printed accurate, professional and above all, we make sure we deliver each order. You won’t find another business so dedicated to creative fashion labeling.

Effective management in garment accessories program is too critical to be overlooked.  It can make the difference between business gained and business lost.


MTW is able to offer you ONE-STOP PROFESSIONAL SERVICES whether it is design, production, sales support or logistic service. Our strong manufacturing-based crew, with keen marketing perceptions, is committed to cater your every apparel packaging and quality creative garment labeling need like no other.  We know how to assist you from lowering production costs, providing flexible logistic services to creating solid band image. This is why we offer the best creative design and fashion labeling.


Just count on us! Because here at MTW, we work with you, not just for you.

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