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Packaging Company Limited

The premier provider of custom clothing woven labels and hang tags.

Elevate brands through innovative embellishment and identification solutions that enable designers, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency, and increase consumer appeal and perceived value. Enhanced product presentation increases consumer purchase intent, which is a great reason to purchase premium custom hang tags for clothing.

High Quality Woven Clothing Labels

Creative Design 

MTW's creative design team has in-depth product knowledge across all product lines.  Our integrated design program ensures consisten look, feel and colors to assist you in creating a solid band image.


We provide multiple options in the initial stages to speed up the development time frame.  We also offer various material and product options to best suit your individual requirements for custom clothing labels.

Our vast resources and manufacturing facilities represent the best in logo identity and stock trim product for the apparel industry.  We have the ability to provide service, consistent quality, competitive pricing, both domestically as well as internationally.  


We make sourcing and developing of quality woven clothing labels and trim items manageable and cost effective.


Quality Control

Quality is not merely a buzzword at MTW, but it's an asset.  We have put our entire wisdom and efficacy to earn the reputation for our excellent product quality.  Every stage of the production process is monitored by our QC manager to ensure that our overseas clients get nothing but the best.  Our modern machinery and efficient workforce enables us producing only high quality products.  We are dedicated to ongoing quality improvement.   

Inventory Program


We provide standard warehousing as well as other value-added services such as repacking, quality check and 2nd or 3rd party logistic services for our overseas customers.  


Our tailor made inventory program allows customers to enjoy low manufacturing prices for mass production at same time have consistent quality for each small shipment of woven clothing labels.

Quality Control


We use the fastest, safest and least expensive means available to ship goods all over the world.  We have extensive expericence shipping garment accessories with couriers, overnight ground service, boats and airplanes.  


Currently, we are consolidating shipments for many customers in an effort to reduce shipping cost to remote locations.  Products can be delivered direct to your agents/subcontractors by cut or on a need be basis.


For the best price and highest quality woven clothing labels, contact us today.